COMPASS Release 4, March 5th, and Release 5, March 26th

COMPASS Release 4, March 5th, and Release 5, March 26th

The University of Florida will see two releases of functionality to the new Student Information System (SIS) in the near future via COMPASS Release 4, March 5th, and Release 5, March 26th.


Roughly 1,300 UF staff and faculty and thousands of students across campus are expected to see changes in business processes and/or functionality as a result of COMPASS’ fourth implementation go-live.

Training for Release 4 will be available February 5 for UF staff who award scholarships, advise undergraduate students, place service indicators (aka holds or informational notices) on students’ records, and enter graduate student qualifying examination and final examination data.  See the COMPASS Training Page for additional information.


  • Degree Audit (Academic Advising)
  • Student Milestones (Academic Advising / Student Records)
  • Student Registration Preparation (Student Records)
  • Honors Application Status (Admissions)
  • Maintenance of Service Indicators (Campus Community / Student Records / Student Financials)
  • Maintenance of Student Groups (Campus Community / Student Records)
  • Financial Aid Packaging (Financial Aid)

As of Release 4, academic advisors will begin using the new degree audit to validate and add exceptions for those NOT graduating Spring 2018 or Summer 2018. Beginning Summer 2018 Term, advisors will be able to update Universal Tracking milestone levels (UT terms) in the SIS.  Summer and other milestones will also be in place. The new audit includes additional features and a more intuitive look and feel intended to benefit advisors and students.

Graduate coordinators and staff will transition to entering candidacy admission and final examination documents in myUFL rather than GIMS in Release 4, though supervisory committee maintenance and graduate transfer of credit submission remains in GIMS. The Graduate School also plans to begin internally piloting the degree audit for university-wide requirements starting in this release, though degree audits will not become the official system of record for Graduate School degree certification until Fall 2018.

The COMPASS Student Records Team is preparing the new SIS for registration functionality in Release 4.  Office of the University Registrar staff will begin performing Registration Prep tasks and managing service indicators in the new SIS, with students executing the former in ONE.UF.

Managing student groups will also be a feature of Release 4. Whereas Registrar staff have previously carried out these tasks within the legacy system, staff will now have more autonomy in the process and a bulk-upload option, allowing the assignment of multiple students to a chosen student group. 

With Release 4, UF’s Office for Student Financial Affairs (SFA) will begin packaging financial aid for students for the 2018-2019 award year.  Students will be able to view their award packages and report additional aid in ONE.UF.  College and departmental scholarship administrators who have completed SFA100 will be able to report scholarships to SFA directly through the new SIS.

The COMPASS Admissions Team will now include honors application decisions within admissions applications. Freshmen applicants to UF have the option to apply for Honors through a separate application provided and processed by the Honors Program. The Honors Program then provides their list of admits to Admissions, which now records the decisions within the new SIS, rather than on the mainframe.

Students will also now view University Bursar service indicators (holds and informational alerts) via ONE.UF.


Release 5 will impact approximately 1,100 UF staff across campus and the thousands of students that use ONE.UF as a self-service access point.

Training for Release 5 will be available Feb. 26th for UF staff who handle student registration. See the COMPASS Training Page for additional information.


  • Registration (Student Records)
  • Enrollment Verification (Student Records)
  • SEVIS Report (Campus Community)

UF staff registration tasks for Summer 2018 will be executed in the legacy system, with registration for Fall 2018 occurring fully in the new SIS after the launch of Release 5.  For both Summer and Fall, students will register for classes in ONE.UF. The Office of the University Registrar’s Fall 2018 Schedule of Courses will then be maintained in the legacy system and copied to the new SIS, and students will be able to access the schedule via ONE.UF.  Enrollment verification will take place in ONE.UF, too. 

Admissions also has new functionality in Release 5. After admission decisions have been released, new enrolling students must be turned over from UF’s Office of Admissions to the Office of the University Registrar, to enable participation in Preview/orientation and registration. This transfer, formerly known as “the merge,” will now be a two-step process within the new SIS. Matriculation will effectively lock down admission applications for admitted students after all admission requirements are met, and will then create a student record. Activation, which will happen on a termly basis, allows the student record to be populated with enrollment information.

Furthermore, with Release 5, the University of Florida International Center’s report of admitted international students for SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) will be generated from the new SIS, rather than the mainframe. Additionally, instead of the report being printed by Registrar staff, UFIC staff will now be able to access the report via Cognos Analytics. Requests for I-20 forms will still be completed in GIMS.