Welcome to COMPASS

As a preeminent university at the forefront of online teaching and learning, UF needs student services systems that are agile and modern. UF’s existing student systems are running on platforms that are becoming difficult to support as technology advances and changes. Additionally, the constant and increasing threats to data security create a critical need for the institution. Continue reading Welcome to COMPASS

COMPASS in Progress

COMPASS (Campus-wide Modernization Program to Advance Student Services) will enable UF to update, standardize and improve the processes and information systems used to manage and deliver services to students. COMPASS elements will also offer exciting innovations and abilities in the areas of constituent relationship management, learning ecosystem, student data governance, master data management, reporting and analytics, and the ONE.UF and myUFL portals. “COMPASS in Progress” will be a regular section in this newsletter, and we hope it will give you a glimpse each month of what has been accomplished, what is underway, and what you can expect in the near future.

University of Florida professionals from units across campus have been working alongside consultants from Sierra-Cedar in area-oriented teams since the inception of COMPASS in 2015 to envision, develop, test and implement innovative, customized data management structures and deliver agile, accurate and effective systems. Highlights of their efforts by area include:  Continue reading COMPASS in Progress

Karen Pridgen encourages openness to change

Seventeen miles south of Gainesville and a stone’s throw from U.S. 441, Vecchio’s neighborhood Italian restaurant wafts the sweet scent of tomato sauce and roasted garlic between paint-chipped Victorian mansions hand-built in the 1890s and 100-foot Spanish-moss-strewn oaks – even older – and planted, too, by hand.

It’s 1982, and Karen Pridgen is just shy of 20 years old. Here, in small-town Micanopy, Florida, Karen feels the gentle pull of change, redirecting her life.  Continue reading Karen Pridgen encourages openness to change

COMPASS presents comprehensive project glossary

UF community members now have a comprehensive terminology resource at their fingertips: the COMPASS glossary.

Located on the “About the Program” tab of the COMPASS website, the glossary lists common terms and acronyms that the UF community will be seeing, reading and hearing throughout the COMPASS implementation, beginning with Release 1 in August.

Continue reading COMPASS presents comprehensive project glossary

From a small farm to the big swamp: COMPASS Project Director Lori Shipley brings problem-solving, higher education experience to UF

University of Florida COMPASS welcomes its newest team member, Lori Shipley, who hails from Paris, population 8,561.

That’s Paris, Illinois, of course.

Shipley, the youngest of six siblings, was raised on a corn and soybean farm, complete with cows, chickens and pigs. It’s an inauspicious starting point for a fruitful career in computer systems and project management – or so one might think.

But Shipley credits a farm-cultivated problem-solving mentality, and a creative mindset heightened by a love of art, to her success in a field as far away from farming as Paris is from, well, Paris. Continue reading From a small farm to the big swamp: COMPASS Project Director Lori Shipley brings problem-solving, higher education experience to UF

Degree Audit feature now live in ONE.UF portal

More features continue to be added to ONE.UF as part of COMPASS’s overall commitment to enhancing UF’s student information system environment. The ONE.UF self-service portal launched in 2014, with a few student applications, along with links to UF news, maps and social-media resources. In December, Degree Audit became the newest feature added to ONE.UF. Degree Audit follows Unofficial Transcript, which went live in September 2016.

The Degree Audit feature shows students how to complete major, minor and certificate requirements. Students can also view unmet requirements and shop for majors and minors according to their interests. This helps students complete their graduation requirements and improves their efficiency of finding and registering for courses. Continue reading Degree Audit feature now live in ONE.UF portal

Coming soon: COMPASS Glossary

Have you ever sat up late at night, unable to sleep, trying to remember just what MDM stands for?

Or taken your canoe down to Lake Wauburg, only to forget how a Business Process Guide helps an SIS implementation?

Maybe you just plain forgot what – or was it who? – Data Conversion is.

Well, rest easy, because in the coming weeks UF COMPASS will introduce the COMPASS Glossary, a comprehensive terminology and definition resource for the UF community for all things COMPASS.  The glossary will live under the “About the Program” tab at the top of the COMPASS website.

Furthermore, we would greatly appreciate your input now and on an ongoing basis so that we can make this guide as helpful as possible for you and others. If you have COMPASS and/or UF-related terms in mind you think belong in the glossary, please email UF-compass@ufl.edu.

COMPASS comes to life with sneak peek video series

On November 18, UF COMPASS, the Campus-wide Modernization Program to Advance Student Services, debuted the first in a series of “Sneak Peek” videos, featuring Enterprise Reporting’s new-and-improved toolset, Cognos Analytics.  Sneak peek videos will introduce new or improved tools, system features or applications coming to UF as part of the COMPASS implementation and provide a “first look” to potential users. Continue reading COMPASS comes to life with sneak peek video series

Cognos Analytics - Interactive Dashboard

Enterprise Reporting’s Cognos Analytics brings interactivity, ease of use to data analysis, reporting

In the near future, Enterprise Reporting users will have access to a new-and-improved version of Cognos called Cognos Analytics. This next-generation toolset will help users bring their data to life and facilitate data-driven decision-making.

Whether you’re an Enterprise Reporting expert or a new user just trying to spruce up a simple data set, Cognos Analytics will allow you to upload your own data, create and personalize dashboards and reports, and develop compelling visualizations using an all-new interactive interface. Continue reading Enterprise Reporting’s Cognos Analytics brings interactivity, ease of use to data analysis, reporting