New navigation system coming to myUFL January 16, 2018

On January 16, 2018, myUFL will introduce a new mobile-friendly and device-responsive navigation system. 

The new navigation will be located on the right-hand side of the myUFL home screen, and features a cross-browser compatible dropdown “NavBar,” which adjusts and conforms to any smartphone, tablet or large-screen device.

myUFL’s new NavBar, accessed via the three-bar icon in the top-right corner of the home screen

The Main Menu icon will display the contents of myUFL’s current Main Menu. The portal will remain as an entry point for staff and faculty accessing student information, financial and HR systems. However, Financials and Human Resources menu items will move to the top level of the menu for convenient access. Menu options and access will continue to be based on approved security roles.

The Main Menu icon opens the familiar list of menu options

The NavBar will also provide users a quick way to access Recent Places and Favorites. 

Please note, faculty and staff should be aware that they may wish to record the full navigation for any pages currently saved as Favorites since these bookmarks will need to be re-added after Jan. 16th.  We understand that some users have many Favorites and that re-recording these will present certain challenges.  UFIT is working to alleviate these challenges by providing a number of ways to help users recapture legacy-system Favorites within the new myUFL:

  • Legacy Favorites – accessed via Main Menu -> My Account. Some favorites in myUFL must be recreated following a system upgrade. This year, a new feature, called "Legacy Favorites," is available to help. Legacy Favorites enables users to view a listing of favorites prior to the upgrade. Each favorite displays as a hyperlink. Users can click a link to navigate to the new location in the system and then quickly recreate your favorite.

  • Find Object Navigation – accessed via Main Menu -> Financials (for Financials users) or Human Resources (for HR users) -> Enterprise Components, users can copy the “Portal Object Name” (see above chart) into the field within Find Object Navigation to navigate directly to any given page where users can then favorite that page.
  • Search – accessed via the magnifying-glass icon next to the NavBar, the new Search function has been added to help users find, navigate to and then favorite specific pages quickly and easily.

Additionally, URLs within myUFL will open normally when copied or shared, allowing users to easily direct others to specific pages within the portal.

University of Florida Human Resource Services Training and Organizational Development has developed a video tour of the new interface, as well as Just-in-Time Training materials within the myUFL Basics Toolkit.

COMPASS Technical Team Lead Nicole Garvey-Jeffers says the waning of Oracle technical and security support for the legacy system, as well as the potential for future functionality, drove the decision to make the aforementioned changes.

Another item to note:

UF Procurement – myUF Market will now be found in Main Menu -> Self Service -> myUF Market