What you need to know about COMPASS training

With COMPASS’ initial implementation set to go live August 7th, and subsequent releases following shortly thereafter, training will be of paramount importance to the project and the University of Florida community.

The COMPASS Training Team, comprised of skilled and experienced staff from UF Training and Organizational Development, is working diligently to ensure all COMPASS constituents are thoroughly trained and prepared for new and improved processes headed campus’ way.  Training methods will vary through each milestone and release of COMPASS project. For some releases, a simple instruction guide is all that is needed.  Other releases include instructor-led courses, online courses or hands-on training in computer labs.

You may be wondering: Do I need training? When will I be trained?  What will my training look like?  Who will be training me? Let’s answer those questions!

For the more visually inclined, we’ve made a chart detailing the types and durations of training needed for each release.  And we’ve also answered those questions in more detail below, with helpful links and contact information included.

Do I need training?

Individuals who will require training for COMPASS Release 1 include core-office staff in the Office of Admissions and Office of the University Registrar, as well as those who update and/or maintain citizenship, visa and ethnicity registry data. If you have not been informed of the need to train for Release 1, you do not need to be concerned with training at this time.

Regarding future releases, since some of the changes, upgrades and improvements being implemented by the project are more than a year away, please continue to check the COMPASS Training Page for the most current training schedule.  Additionally, the COMPASS Timeline lists functionality being impacted by the project.  If your job function involves those listed processes, you will likely require training during one or more of the scheduled releases.   

Reminder: COMPASS will inform core-office staff of any need for training personally. The non-core-office UF community can stay abreast of any training needs in a variety of methods, including contacting workgroup team members individually:

When will I be trained?

Release 1-impacted core-office staff in the Office of Admissions and the Office of the University Registrar, as well as those who update and/or maintain citizenship, visa and ethnicity registry data, are being personally trained by the appropriate COMPASS team.

At this time, neither training nor notification of the need for training have begun for subsequent implementations or releases.

In general, if training is required later this fall and beyond, it will be made available roughly a month before new processes are released. Moving forward, training resources such as online courses, instructor-led courses, online toolkits and hands-on group training will be offered as needed prior to releases later this year and in a Student Information System toolkit that will added to the existing HR toolkits.  For additional training-related questions, contact training@ufl.edu.

What will my training look like?

There are a number of different types of trainings available, depending on the nature of the subject requiring training.

  • Online Course
  • Instruction Guide
  • Simulation/Demo
  • One-on-One/Small Group
  • Open Lab
  • Instructor-Led Course

Who will be training me?

The COMPASS Training Team is comprised of UF Training and Organizational Development staff members. However, some training, including that for core-office users, will be conducted by COMPASS team members or core-office staff. Director and Assistant Director of Training and Organizational Development Bob Parks and Scott Blades, respectively, are providing oversight and direction for the Training Team’s involvement in COMPASS, while Shay Potts, Ronda Mitchell, Holly Sprinkle and Sarah Hanson are responsible for the creation of training materials for the project.

Bob Parks

  • As director of Training & Organizational Development (T&OD), Dr. Parks works with the T&OD team to create a significant competitive advantage for UF through great leadership, team effectiveness and individual employee excellence. He has worked at UF as a trainer and OD consultant for more than 10 years. Before joining UF, he taught or trained in both university and corporate environments for more than five years. In his current role, Dr. Parks facilitates several of UF’s Leadership Development programs as well as courses in the Managing at UF Certification Program.

Scott Blades

  • As assistant director of UF Training & Organizational Development, Scott brings over 15 years of teaching, educational technology, instructional design, and multimedia production experience to his role. Scott’s position requires him to interface with UF subject matter experts to produce first-rate professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, oversee numerous campus-wide training programs, manage a team of talented instructional designers and trainers, and teach a series of business communications and leadership courses.

Shay Potts

  • Shay is an instructional designer on the Training and Organizational Development team. She has experience in the area of academic course production, and prior to joining T&OD was an instructional designer in the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences as well as a central instructional design unit on campus. In this role, Shay developed distance education courses for nearly all of UF’s colleges. In addition to academic course development, Shay has experience in the area of training and professional development and has developed trainings for faculty and staff at the University of Florida.

Ronda Mitchell

  • With more than 20 years of technology and professional development training experience, Ronda is an accomplished trainer in the arena of higher education with a passion for educational technology and distance learning development. Ronda works with the e-learning program, assists with organizational and professional development initiatives throughout campus, and facilitates several instructor-led courses on leadership and communication.

Holly Sprinkle

  • Holly Sprinkle is an instructional designer on the Training and Organizational Development Team. Holly holds a M.S. in Instructional Design and Technology, and a M.A. in English.  In the past, Holly has specialized in training for software implementations.  She is passionate about using technology to enhance learning. Holly has worked in corporate training and in online education for 10 years.

Sarah Hanson

  • Sarah is an instructional designer on the Training and Organizational Development Team. Her primary responsibility includes working with core offices on campus to develop training for COMPASS (Campus-wide Modernization Program to Advance Student Services).  She has over 14 years of experience in the areas of teaching, instructional design, and training program coordination and implementation.  In her previous role as an education and training specialist and education coordinator at the Physical Plant Division, she was responsible for coordinating the Career Progression Program, assisting employees with career advancement, and designing and delivering a variety of training classes.  She has also worked as an instructional designer in a non-profit setting and as a classroom teacher prior to joining UF.