Information systems and procedures implemented through COMPASS will improve and sometimes change the way many people at the University of Florida access and manage data. Many of these changes will be invisible to the casual user, while others will be presented in intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces.

However, in some cases security roles will change and training will be required or highly recommended. Human Resource Services training staff are working with COMPASS teams to develop detailed guides, online toolkits, and group and/or online courses to train users in new and enhanced systems. Training resources will be accessible per release in a special section and toolkit that will eventually reside alongside HR and Financials toolkits on the Human Resource Services toolkit website.

In general, if training is required/recommended, it will be available roughly a month before the functionality is released. Everyone who will need training and/or information will be notified well in advance and in a variety of ways, such as by notifications from core offices and units, COMPASS Update, this website, and/or individual emails and relevant listservs. Refer to our monthly COMPASS in Progress story on this website or in COMPASS Update newsletter for release dates and current information. Links to training resource pages will also be included here as the resources become available. For additional training-related questions, contact

Please note: as COMPASS progresses, we will continue updating the Training Chart with future release training details.

Important Training Information:

Release 1 is now live!

Please be aware that there is no training needed for Release 1 with the exception of that required for core office staff, who have already been informed and are in the process of being personally trained by the appropriate COMPASS team.