As COMPASS progresses, the program timeline will be updated to reflect additional milestones. More specific dates will be added as they become available and some dates or milestones may be adjusted as the program develops.



Go-Live Date


Graduate, professional & UF Online applications with CollegeNET for Fall 2018 admissions. SIS receiving graduate, transfer & certificate applications for students admitted for Fall 2018 and their associated external organizations. Primed systems for future upgrades, including customized CRM (Gator360). Centralizing data, replacing prospecting and recruiting systems, streamlining & consolidating processes

Aug. 7, 2017


Course Catalog, Institutional Student Information Record (ISIR) Loads, Transfer Credit Evaluation

Nov. 6, 2017


ISIR Processing, Student Program Plan (Major/Minor), SHCC Immunizations, Residency Processing

Jan. 16, 2018


Degree Audit, Student Milestones, Student Registration Preparation, Honor Application Status, Service Indicators/Holds, Financial Aid Packaging, Schedule of Courses. ONE.UF: Financial Aid, Registration prep, Schedule of Courses, Action Items.

March 6, 2018


Registration (Department and Student), Enrollment Verification (Fall Term), SEVIS Report, Faculty Class Rolls. ONE.UF: Faculty Class Rolls; Proof of Enrollment.

March 26, 2018


Course Scheduling (for use in June for Spring 2019 Term); Advising Notes and Excess Hours Card for Students Through ONE.UF.

Training needed for those who schedule courses

May 11, 2018


Degree Audit and Degree What-if Report for Students Through ONE.UF.

Training needed for staff who advise students, those who need to view degree audits, and those who handle Universal Tracking

July 9, 2018


Tuition Calculation, Student Billing, Veterans Affairs Processing; Updated admissions workspace; Campus Finances Through ONE.UF.

Training needed for staff who assign course fees, handle charges and adjustments, and view Inquiry pages

Aug. 6, 2018


Grades, Transcripts, Aid Disbursement, Graduation; Faculty Grades and Student Grades and Transcripts Through ONE.UF.

Training needed for those who assign grades, issue end of term grades, certify degrees, and handle Student-Initiated Drop/Add (SIDA)

Aug. 20, 2018

For those who prefer a more visual representation of the COMPASS timeline, refer to the following graphic: