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ONE.UF self-service portal

ONE.UF ( is the "one-stop shop" self-service home for students, staff and faculty across campus. Students, faculty and staff can access self-service functions within the system using a new and convenient drop-down list. Furthermore, the search bar in ONE.UF offers a quick way to find any functionality you’re looking for.

Below is the rollout schedule for ONE.UF, with a description of each new card and functionality. Additionally, we have provided a list of the presently available features, as well as ONE.UF training intended for staff use. 

The following functionality and cards (widget-like boxes) are currently available to students.

Currently Available to Students:

October 8, 2018

  • Student-facing Degree Audit
    • View your official degree audit, including Critical Tracking information.

September 19, 2018

  • 1098T 
    • View your 1098T tuition form.
  • Unofficial Transcript
    • View your current unofficial transcript.
  • Transcript(s) Ordering
    • Students and alumni can easily order official transcripts.

September 24, 2018

  • Grades
    • View your grades for the most recent term within a single card.
  • Faculty Grading Upload
    • Faculty will be able to upload students' grades.
  • Student-Initiated Drop/Add (August 20th)
    • Drop or add classes.
  • Withdrawals (August 20th)
    • Withdraw from a class or multiple classes.
  • Petitions (August 20th)
    • View the status of a petition request. A university petition is used to request:
      • Retroactive Course Adds
      • Retroactive Course Drops
      • Retroactive Withdrawal from All Courses in a Term
      • Refund of Fees
      • Other requests
  • Certificate & Degree Application (August 20th)
    • Complete the degree application, necessary for graduation, via ONE.UF.
  • Course Swap (August 13th)
    • During registration, students can swap one course for another without risking losing the course he/she is attempting to swap.
  • Campus Finances (August 6th)
    • Students, faculty and staff can view any charges due, refunds, payment history and account activity. You can also make a payment and sign up for direct deposit.
  • Transfer Credit Report (August 6th)
    • View a report of your transfer credit hours that UF has received from other institutions.
  • Veterans Affairs (August 6th)
    • Access the Veteran's Benefit Application.
  • Safe Rides - Uber (August 6th)
    • Enrolled students are eligible to receive a discount code for Uber rides in select locations and during select times of the week.
  • Registration
    • Register for classes.
  • View My Schedule
    • View your current schedule.
  • Unofficial Transcript
    • View your unofficial transcript.
  • Financial Aid
    • View your disbursed financial aid.
  • Registration Prep
    • Complete registration prep tasks.
  • Schedule of Courses
    • View and search a complete list of courses within a chosen semester.
  • Action Items
    • View and/or act upon any holds, to-dos or information pertaining to your academic records and/or account.
  • Enrollment Verification
    • Request proof of enrollment or degree.
  • Advising Notes
    • View notes posted by your academic advisor.
  • Excess Hours
    • View a report of your excess hours and pending charges

UF Staff Training and Instructions:

How a Student Completes Registration Prep Simulation | PDF

How a Student Registers for a Class Simulation | PDF

How a Student Drops a Class Simulation | PDF

How a Student Views Advising Notes PDF

How a Student Views Excess Hours PDF

Setting up Direct Deposit Video | PDF

Class Rolls and Teaching Schedule PDF

Schedule of Courses in ONE.UF PDF

Approving Time in ONE.UF PDF



Basic ONE.UF Terminology:

Workspace: the overall area in which students, faculty and staff will perform self-service functions

Card: the individual widget-like space in which each service is performed