Frequently Asked Questions

(See also: Student Information Systems FAQ - via University of Florida Office of the University Registrar)

What does COMPASS stand for?
COMPASS stands for Campus-wide Modernization Program to Advance Student Services. This is an initiative to modernize and standardize the processes and information systems used to manage and deliver services to students.
Why did UF launch this initiative?
As a preeminent university, UF needs systems that are agile and modern. UF’s existing platforms are difficult to support as technology advances and changes, and the constant and increasing threats to data security create a critical need for the institution. In addressing these needs, UF has an opportunity to create standards and processes that unite the university and allow it to operate at a higher level of performance and respond to future needs more nimbly.
When will the new systems become operational?
Changes implemented through COMPASS will occur over a multi-year timeline and be scheduled in alignment with the student life cycle.
How will COMPASS benefit UF?
Through COMPASS, UF will gain:
• An improved user experience for students, faculty and staff
• An inclusive environment that promotes common business practices among and between colleges and core offices, reducing secondary systems
• A more strategic approach to managing and storing UF data, with improved reporting and analytic capabilities
• Sustainable “best-in-class” systems
What will students see as we change systems?
Students currently access their information via ONE.UF and will continue to do so as we change systems. The user experience in ONE.UF will be enhanced throughout the project as we create a more personalized experience and add new features.
How will I gain access to the UF COMPASS systems?
As with other UF enterprise systems, access will be granted via roles assigned to users. Roles for most self-service functions will be automatically assigned to students and faculty based on affiliations assigned in the UF identity registry. Other access will be requested by department security administrators via the Access Request System in myUFL. Further details will be communicated as security is rolled out for each COMPASS application.
When will I be trained to use the new system for my current job duties?
Training will be made available prior to each COMPASS release. Exact timeframes will vary depending on the nature of the release, how many users will be impacted, and whether training is required for security roles. All training will be available to users in a timely manner to ensure they are prepared to continue university business on day one of each release.  Further information can be found on the Training page.