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October 2018

  • Explaining the RC3 Service Indicator
    • The University of Florida Office of the University Registrar (OUR) has created a service indicator (hold) labeled “RC3” for students who may need to have data on their transcript updated within the new student information system.
  • Rise to Five Dashboards
    • COMPASS is developing of a number of dashboards, using the Enterprise Analytics platform, to reflect UF’s “Rise to Five” goal of achieving top-5 status among the country’s best universities.
  • COMPASS in Progress
    • Includes updates on the Grading Process; Student-Facing Degree Audit; Degree Certification; Dashboard for Academic Advisors; Data; Resources and Support

September 2018

  • Transcripts & Grades
    • September deployments updated UF transcripts and grades processes.
  • COMPASS in Progress
    • Includes updates on Transcripts; Grades; Student-Facing Degree Audit; Degree Certification; Academic Advising; Enterprise Analytics; Data; Data Listservs; Resources and Support

August 2018

June / July 2018

  • COMPASS Releases 6, 7, future deployments preview
    • Release 6 on August 6th will implement Tuition Calculation, Student Account/Billing and Veterans Affairs Processing in the new SIS, as well as new functionality within ONE.UF. Release 7 on August 20th will install new processes for Transcripts and Degree Certification for Graduation, SIDA, Admissions Application Processing and new functionality within ONE.UF. Future deployments will focus on Universal Tracking, Student-Facing Degree Audit, and the Degree What-if Report within ONE.UF. 
  • University of Florida Office of Admissions to launch new application processing system in September
    • The new system will use Gator360 CRM technology to replace the current mainframe-based system, and will completely transform and improve how applications move through the review and decision process.
  • COMPASS training update
    • As COMPASS nears its final two formal releases of functionality to campus, the program’s Training Team continues to develop and respond to the needs of campus users requiring traditional training materials as well as other resources.
  • COMPASS in Progress
    • Includes updates on COMPASS Release 6 and 7; Student Financials; Academic Advising; Admissions; Class Listserv Upgrade; New Navigation for Online Learning; ONE.UF; Courses and Academic Room Scheduling; Grading, Transcripts, Graduation; Data Changes; Enterprise Analytics; Training; Resources and Support

May 2018

April 2018

  • Coming soon: Release 5a, May 11th
    • Release 5a on May 11th will focus on Course Scheduling (for use in June for Spring 2019 Term) in the new Student Information System (SIS), and will offer Advising Notes and an Excess Hours card for students through ONE.UF. Training will be needed for those who schedule courses, and will be available via the SIS toolkit and myTraining May 14th.
  • Gator360 Lobby Management
    • Lobby Management has already increased efficiency within five academic advising offices, with the goal of moving all offices off of the mainframe system by July
  • COMPASS in Progress
    • Includes updates on COMPASS Releases; CourseLeaf; Faculty Listserv; Data Changes; Enterprise Analytics; Active Directory Changes; Resources and Support

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