Transcripts & Grades

Due to the evolving nature of this project, the information contained within the articles below may shift and change with time.  For the most up-to-date information, please visit the Student Information System Toolkit available on the UF HR website.

University of Florida COMPASS launched a new-look unofficial transcript for students, faculty and staff on September 19th, and updated functionality pertaining to grades on September 24th. We remind you that COMPASS continues to not only install, but also develop, refine and improve functionality for faculty, students and staff via deployments.


The unofficial transcript is now drawn from information solely within the new Student Information System and is accessible by the UF community via ONE.UF ( Administrators can also access the transcript via myUFL using the navigation: Main Menu -> Student Information System -> Campus Community -> Student Services Center.

There have been a number of changes made to the transcript, due to the implementation of the new system:

Transfer Credit:

  • Acceptance of transfer credit is being evaluated by the degree audit and will no longer show on the printed transcript.
  • Acceptance of transfer test credit will show on the printed transcript and is currently capped at 45 hours.
  • The printed transcript will only provide a summary of transfer work received and posted and will not list the transfer courses. For example 21 hours posted from Santa Fe College.

Student Biographic Information:

  • Social security number will only display the last 4 digits
  • Only month and day of date of birth will be displayed
  • Gender is no longer displayed

Academic Information:

There has been a change in how student levels associated with student academic progress will be displayed including in the student’s view in ONE.UF, the administrators view in myUFL (i.e., Student Services Center) and the unofficial transcript. Undergraduate and graduate students will no longer be classified by year level (i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), but rather by type of degree level.

Those designations are listed below.  Professional students will continue to have level designations.  

Transcripts now display a student’s degree level, rather than year

Previous classifications and codes displayed elsewhere may have changed, and may reflect more transfer credits than will be allowed toward the student’s degree.

The former numerical classifications will now appear as follows:

1 -> Undergraduate

2 -> Undergraduate

3 -> Undergraduate

4 -> Undergraduate

5 -> Undergraduate

6 -> Post-bacc

7 -> Graduate

8 -> Advance Graduate

9 -> Doctoral Graduate

0 -> Nondegree

0 -> CE Correspondence Studies

0 -> HS Advanced High School Program

  • Non-UF degrees no longer print on the transcript except for external AA’s.
  • Admitted remarks no longer print since the career in which a student is registered is clearly displayed.
  • Summer is now one term split by sessions.
  • All careers display summary totals at the bottom of the career.
  • A career cumulative GPA for a credential is printed under the credential as of the conferring of the credential.
  • Students continuing in the same career as a conferred credential (i.e. Post-bacc) will have continuing cumulative totals for that career.
  • Within the new Student Information System, using the “Academics” tab, the term summary allows you to click on a term within a career and see the courses but with cumulative totals and stats for each term. This allows you can see how the cumulative GPA changes by term.
  • An administrative view of the transcript will eventually be in the student services center for internal view only.

New processes for grades submission and granting approval/access were implemented on September 24th, following intensive user-acceptance testing and training via live presentations, the development and distribution of training materials, and on-site assistance from subject matter experts.

The grades system will continue to be iteratively updated, developed and improved based on user experience and feedback over a 12-18 month period.  These developments will be aimed at enhancing faculty processes.

Administrators can access the new grades system within myUFL by using the navigation: myUFL ( -> Main Menu -> Student Information System -> OneUF -> My Grading.

Grades can also be accessed in ONE.UF via the Grades card (students and faculty only).

Training is currently available via a Grades Toolkit on the UF Human Resources site.

Faculty and staff graders can watch a recorded presentation, given to staff at the College of Medicine, on the new grades processes here.

For questions about transcripts or the grades process, contact the Office of the University Registrar.