New functionality rolling out for faculty through UF COMPASS

With UF COMPASS’ (Campus-wide Modernization Program to Advance Student Services) fifth release of functionality to the new Student Information System (SIS) and ONE.UF now live (March 26th), faculty will continue to see an ever-increasing role in the important changes coming to campus in the near future.  We remind you that COMPASS releases follow the student life cycle, and updates to key academic processes such as grades, transcripts, and degree certification and posting will follow in the coming months.

March 26th’s Release 5 focuses on Registration, Enrollment Verification for Fall Term, Faculty Class Rolls and the SEVIS Report.  It also installed within ONE.UF a new Faculty/Staff Workspace - a primary screen populated by “cards,” or smaller individual widget-like sections that will allow UF personnel to, at a glance, see and perform self-service job functions, for example, viewing class rolls or inputting grades.

At the heart of these installments and those coming forth in future releases is a desire for an enhanced user experience for the UF community.  The ONE.UF cards installed via Release 5 provide faculty centrally located and user-friendly self-service access with an easy-to-view teaching schedule complete with class date, time and location; the ability to view and download class rolls; and convenient access to the grades system in Student Admin for Spring and Summer 2018 terms. Coming in Fall 2018 will be access to a new grades module and improved grades card with a grading calendar and grading progress information.

Cards within ONE.UF’s new Faculty/Staff Workspace offer user-friendly features in a central location, updated in real time

Faculty will also be able to view a Class Rolls ONE.UF card. Here, faculty can see all sections of the course(s) they’re teaching, and in the near future will be able to email their entire class roll by section.

UF’s new Class Rolls card

Upon selecting an individual section, faculty will be able to view that section’s enrollment cap(1), number of students enrolled(2) and each individual student enrolled(3), and will have the option to download an Excel or .csv file of the class roll(4).

Individually expanded section within ONE.UF’s Class Rolls card

Faculty will also see their teaching schedule within ONE.UF. All classes will display in this card along with the corresponding section number, class time and room.

Teaching Schedule card within ONE.UF

Release 5’s updates to the registration process provide UF faculty, staff and students improved functionality through modern systems. Gone are the days of pencil and paper, SAT-style bubble sheets and encyclopedia-length course printouts. Both the SIS (myUFL) and ONE.UF provide UF a truly connected campus with mobile-device accessibility and real time data feeds.

Modernizing UF’s business processes, like registration, involves huge effort in readying data and records for practical use.  Ahead of March 5th’s Release 4, COMPASS’ Student Records Team had converted over 19 million enrollment records at a 99.992% success rate.  An additional 550 undergraduate and 430 graduate audits were converted to ensure a successful degree audit installation.

Success in updating the registration process depends largely on how faculty, staff and students are able to navigate their respective processes,” said Diana Hull, senior associate university registrar and COMPASS Student Records Team lead. “It’s extremely important that our systems are connected, in sync, agile and manageable.”

Faculty, as well as staff and students, will also be seeing changes in the academic catalog, as training begins on April 4th on using Leepfrog’s CourseLeaf Catalog, an accurate, dynamic and searchable academic catalog management solution used by more than 200 leading colleges and universities nationwide.

Read more in the CourseLeaf article in the March COMPASS Update.

Training for ONE.UF and SIS processes such as registration is available on COMPASS’ Training Page.