Release 6, 7, future deployment preview

Release 6 – August 6, 2018

Tuition Calculation, Student Accounts/Billing, Transfer Credit Report (ONE.UF)

  • What’s changing? University Bursar staff will still have views for charges, payments, disbursements and/or refunds within the new SIS. The look and feel of this system will be familiar to University Bursar staff, but the navigation paths will change. Staff will now, within myUFL, navigate to: Main Menu -> Student Information System -> Student Financials to reach job functions. Students will now see their charges, payments including financial aid disbursements, refunds and a Transfer Credit Report in ONE.UF. Faculty and staff will also see new navigation for Online Learning in Canvas.
  • What is it? The University Bursar will process and post tuition costs to the Student Information System, which will be displayed to students in ONE.UF. Departments will still see the charges they entered on the student’s account.  Students will see tuition, charges, payments, financial aid and overpayment refunds on their ONE.UF account. These charges/disbursements/refunds will be posted and/or refreshed nightly for a timely and accurate reflection of an individual’s balance. During cutover for Release 6, the part of the SIS related to Student Financials, including Make a Payment for students, will be shut down from 5 p.m. Thursday, August 2, to 9 a.m. Monday, August 6.
  • Who is impacted? University Bursar staff and departments that enter and/or view charges and adjustments, and students needing to view their tuition, charges, payments, financial aid and overpayment refunds. Students needing to make a payment, particularly if they need to lift a hold to get a transcript, for example, will need to do so early or after August 6. Make a Payment for students will be turned off during the cut-over period. If a student needs a transcript (emergency) or needs to register for Fall on Friday (Aug 3rd), Student Records will be given approval to release any Bursar holds as needed.
  • Required Training:
  • Available Web Simulations and Instruction Guides:

Veterans Affairs Processing

  • What is it? The installation of Veterans Affairs Processing will allow students with VA educational benefits to complete the UF Enrollment Certification Request via ONE.UF.
  • Who is impacted? Students with VA educational benefits.
  • What’s changing? The process of completing the UF Enrollment Certification Request will now be done within ONE.UF.
  • Training: There is no training for completing the UF Enrollment Certification Request.

Release 7 - August 20, 2018

Degree Certification for Graduation

  • What is it? Degree Certification for Graduation by UF staff will now be initiated and executed within the new SIS.
  • Who is impacted? College staff who certify degrees for graduation, and students.
  • What’s changing? College staff will complete Degree Certification for Graduation within the new SIS, using the new system navigation. Students will now use ONE.UF to apply for their degrees.
  • Training: Training will be needed for OUR and college staff who certify graduation eligibility, notify potential graduates and update student records.
    • Required Training: Coming Soon
    • Available Web Simulations and Instruction Guides: Coming Soon

Student-Initiated Drop/Add (SIDA)

  • What is it? Students may request an adjustment to their existing schedule after the published drop/add period. Academic advisors within colleges will approve or deny requests via the new SIS.
  • Who is impacted? Academic advisors who approve or deny schedule adjustment requests, and students attempting to adjust their schedule after the published drop/add period.
  • What’s changing? Students will now request drop/add adjustments to their schedule via ONE.UF, and academic advisors will approve or deny those adjustments within the new SIS.
  • Training: Web Simulations and Instruction Guides will be available via a SIDA Toolkit on the Student Information Systems training site.

August 30th, 2018

Universal Tracking, Student-Facing Degree Audit, Degree What-if Report

  • What is it? The installation of the student-facing Degree Audit and What-if Report on August 30th will allow students to view their Degree Audit, generated from the new SIS, and degree shop for multiple declarations with a What-if Report within ONE.UF. Universal Tracking, which runs data analysis from the Degree Audit to track students through their first five semesters, will also go live in the new SIS on August 30th.
  • Who is impacted? Undergraduate academic advisors and students across campus.
  • What’s changing? Students will now access and view their Degree Audit in ONE.UF. Students will also be able to view a mainframe-generated Degree Audit. The new Degree Audit now reads directly from the SIS and updates in real time, meaning students will see their registration-related changes reflected immediately. It also reflects multiple-major or multiple-minor declarations in one audit generation, and reflects future registration. The Universal Tracking process will now run, track students and implement holds in the new SIS.
  • Training: Academic Advising Toolkit
  • Available Instruction Guides:
    • Add a Milestone PDF
    • Change a Milestone PDF
    • Change Universal Tracking Milestone Level PDF
    • Viewing Critical Tracking Information PDF
    • Universal Tracking Overview PDF

September 4th, 2018

Admissions Application Processing

  • What is it? The University of Florida Office of Admissions is launching an updated and modernized admissions processing system. The new system will use Gator360 constituent relationship management (CRM) technology to replace the current mainframe-based system, and will completely transform and improve how applications move through the review and decision process.
  • Who is impacted? Office of Admissions staff, admissions professionals within colleges and UF applicants.
  • What’s changing? The Office of Admissions and admissions professionals within individual colleges will now use a real-time simultaneous review system for the following application types: undergraduate, professional, graduate, transfer, readmission, post baccalaureate, certificate and UF Online. Staff will have access to a comprehensive view of students’ applications, with improved functionality that allows colleges to review applications concurrently with the Office of Admissions, allowing for a faster decision from point of application submission.
  • Training: The Office of Admissions hosted three demo sessions of the new system for admissions staff campus-wide in June and is currently developing short training videos for users across campus.


  • What is it? Processes for assigning and issuing Transcripts for Graduation by UF staff will now be initiated and executed within the new SIS. Students can now request an official transcript via ONE.UF.
  • Who is impacted? Office of the University Registrar (OUR) staff who issue transcripts and students ordering transcripts.
  • What’s changing? OUR staff will now assign and/or issue Transcripts within the new SIS, using the new system navigation. Students will now use ONE.UF to request transcripts.
  • Training: None required.