COMPASS in Progress

The final releases of functionality associated with the new Student Information System (SIS) are scheduled for August 2018, and COMPASS teams are hard at work testing, training and making adjustments. Release 6 on August 6th will focus on the processes and areas of tuition calculation, and student billing, with new functionality through ONE.UF in campus finances, transfer credit report, and Veterans Affairs Processing. On the schedule for Release 7 on August 20th are new processes related to Admissions processing, transcripts, aid disbursement, Student-Initiated Drop Add (SIDA), and degree certification/graduation; with ONE.UF offering new abilities related to transcripts, withdrawals, petitions, course swap, and degree/certificate application. Read more about these changes, who is impacted, and what training is needed in our Release 6 and 7 article.

Release 7 marks the last formal release of functionality related to the new Student Information System, but deployments are being scheduled well into 2019. Universal tracking for the general student population, a student-facing degree audit and a degree what-if report will go live Aug. 30th and grades functionality will be released September 17th. Continuing into the future will be system and process adjustments and evolving functionality in admissions, Gator360, learning ecosystem, reporting & analytics and master data management. We will keep you updated through this newsletter.  Other highlights include:

  • Student Financials: Student Financials will implement PeopleSoft 9.2, which will have a different look, feel and navigation (myUFL -> Main Menu -> Student Information System -> Student Financials) from what is currently in use, on Aug. 6th. The University Bursar strongly recommends users with UF_SF_STUDENT_FINANCIALS_VIEW, UF_SF_UPDATE_CHARGES, UF_SF_PP_XXXXXXX (the Xs refer to the department name) and UF_SF_STUDENT_ADMIN_VIEW security roles to complete the following training prior to Aug. 6th, since they allow for the viewing and/or manipulation of sensitive data: PRV802 FERPA Basics; PRV804 Protecting Social Security Numbers; and PRV805 Identity Theft and the Red Flags Rules. You must complete all three of these prerequisite courses in order to register for and take the quick and basic introductory course BRS001 Student Financials in myUFL Overview (Part 1), which introduces users to the system’s new look. After you complete this course, you can register for and take BRS002 Student Financials in myUFL: Using the System (Part 2), which outlines actionable Student Financials processes and. If you already have these roles, you will retain access. New users will contact their DSA to request the UF_SF_UPDATE_CHARGES, UF_SF_PP_XXXXXXX and UF_SF_STUDENT_ADMIN_VIEW security role
  • Academic Advising: After a number of meetings, technical review, an analysis of available options, and considerable input from the Academic Advising community, the decision has been made to utilize myUFL as the official system of record for the degree audit as of Aug. 30th, while retaining continued access to as much updated/synced information as possible on the mainframe for verification purposes through December 2018. This will help ensure the accuracy of the audits, and offer more time to enter degree audit exceptions.
  • Admissions: The Office of Admissions is implementing the industry-leading prospecting, recruiting, and admissions system, Slate, in late August. It will replace the current mainframe system, improve the applicant process for submission of supporting materials and allow for concurrent review of graduate applications between the Office of Admissions and the Colleges and Departments. In the future, the Office of Admissions will also develop prospecting and recruiting functionality, and look for ways to better support the colleges’ and departments’ processes. Read more
  • Class Listserv Upgraded: UF’s listserv service for classes was upgraded June 26th and faculty can now access it via ONE.UF. List owners (faculty and instructors) will no longer have to request a listserv be created for a specific class, and list owners and class rolls will be automatically refreshed daily once the class is registered in the new Student Information System. A simulation and instruction guide have been created to guide you through this new functionality. Other recent additions through ONE.UF include the addition of a teaching schedule with class date, time and location; ability to view and download class rolls; and access to the grades system in Student Admin for Spring and Summer 2018 terms. Read about other functionality and services rolling out for faculty and staff in our Faculty Update
  • New Navigation for Online Learning: Online Learning will move to the following new navigation Monday, Aug. 6th: myUFL > Main Menu > Student Information System > Online Learning. If you have bookmarked the previous site (Main Menu > Student Financials > UF Campus Solutions), you will need to do so again using the new navigation. Online Learning is the module within Canvas that houses My Canvas Course Management, which enables faculty and staff to add users to courses in Canvas, view enrollment transactions, and establish user-created sections. For more information or assistance, contact e-Learning Support at 352-392-4357, option 3, or
  • ONE.UF: As of Aug. 6th, eligible students can easily request discounted rides during select late nights around campus by accessing the Safe Rides – Uber application via ONE.UF. This is just one of a number of services moving from Student Admin to ONE.UF, and we know it can be difficult to remember where to go. If you are ever in doubt, we recommend that you use the quick search bar in ONE.UF to find the service. Finally, if you are interested in seeing how students will navigate and perform self-service functions via ONE.UF, you can view videos, system simulations and PDF instruction guides on those processes. The following training is available, with additional ONE.UF student-process learning resources coming soon:
    • How a Student Completes Registration Prep SimulationPDF
    • How a Student Registers for a Class SimulationPDF
    • How a Student Drops a Class SimulationPDF
    • How a Student Views Advising Notes PDF
    • How a Student Views Excess Hours PDF
    • Setting up Direct Deposit VideoPDF
  • Course and Academic Room Scheduling: COMPASS will continue to keep you abreast of the implementation date for Course and Academic Room Scheduling. May’s COMPASS Release focused on Course Scheduling in the new Student Information System (SIS). A new Enterprise Analytics report, Department View Schedule of Classes, is available for viewing class information for Fall 2018 and beyond. Access Enterprise Analytics, navigate from left to Team Content – Student Information – Schedule of Courses – Department View Schedule of Classes.
  • Grading, Transcripts, Graduation: New functionality goes live Aug. 20th for grading, transcripts, degree certification/graduation and SIDA. Transcripts will have new formatting. Also coming through ONE.UF in Fall 2018 will be access to a new grades module and improved grades card with a grading calendar and grading progress information. Training includes:
    • For those who assign grades and issue end of term grades, there will be an online, self-paced course (60-90 minutes); self-paced instruction guides and simulations; and open labs.
    • For those who certify degrees, there will be an online, self-paced course (60-90 minutes); self-paced instruction guides and simulations, and open labs.
    • For those who handle Student-Initiated Drop/Add (SIDA), there will be self-paced instruction guides and simulations.
    • An instruction guide and simulated view of the student process to complete the ONE.UF Degree Application will be available Aug. 10th.
  • Data Changes: UF information systems still on the pre-existing mainframe after August 2018 are scheduled to be migrated off, including the Registry. Learn more in our video of the April 17th COMPASS town hall focused on ODBC data consumers, data application integrations and data on ESODBC and DB2, or on the Data Management website. Data resources, including an academic structure data dictionary, are available in our Supporting Materials
  • Enterprise (Cognos) Analytics: Cognos Analytics is a recommended option for accessing and analyzing data. Access it at: myUFL -> Main Menu -> Enterprise Analytics -> Access Enterprise Analytics. A quick “Getting Started” video is at bottom left, and a comprehensive beginner’s user guide is coming soon. The courses Enterprise Reporting Analytics (ERA100) - an introduction to the reporting dashboard, and Report Authoring (ERA200)- exploring ways to create, enhance, customize, and manage reports and charts using Cognos Analytics Reporting, are available now, and both are prerequisites to sign-up for the new Student Reporting Workshops (ERA500). There are workshops/open labs now through August (sign up in myTraining). The hands-on workshops focus on working with reporting prompts to customize reports; exporting reports to various file formats (Excel, PDF, etc.); customizing existing reports to answer business-related questions; scheduling automated reports to be saved in Enterprise Analytics or delivered via email; and explaining how data is structured in the student data package. Read more about Reporting and Analytics.  
  • Training: HR training professionals have been working with COMPASS teams to refine online and instructor-led training and offer enhanced support materials. Read more
  • Resources and Support: Supporting materials, information on pending COMPASS releases, and contact information is available on the COMPASS website.

Remaining COMPASS Deployments

Precise timing of areas in question are in italics


New Functionality

Go-Live Date


Tuition Calculation, Student Billing

ONE.UF: Campus Finances, Transfer Credit Report, Veterans Affairs, Safe Rides - Uber 

Training needed for staff who assign course fees, handle charges and adjustments, and view Inquiry pages

Aug. 6, 2018


Admissions Processing (Slate), Transcripts, Aid Disbursement, Degree Certification/Graduation, SIDA

ONE.UF: Transcripts Ordering, Withdrawals, Petitions, Course Swap, Degree Application

Training needed for Office of Admissions staff, and admissions professionals within individual colleges; those who certify degrees for graduation

Aug. 20, 2018


myUFL: Universal Tracking (in addition to Innovation Academy students), Excess Hours

ONE.UF: Universal Tracking, Excess Hours

Aug. 30, 2018


myUFL: Grades

ONE.UF: Grades Card, Grading Upload

Sept. 17, 2018


myUFL: Degree Audit and Degree What-if Report, Academic and Non-Academic Course and Room Scheduling



System/process adjustments; evolving functionality in Admissions, Gator360, Learning Ecosystem, Reporting & Analytics and Master Data Management