COMPASS in Progress

COMPASS in Progress

With Release 3, COMPASS went live Jan. 16th with new functionality in ISIR Processing (Student Financial Aid area), Student Groups (Student Records), SHCC Immunizations (Campus Community, Student Health), and Residency Processing (Admissions, Student Records).  Teams are now gearing up in preparation for the next two releases, both going live this March with expected impacts to thousands of campus users. Release 4 on March 5th will focus on the Degree Audit, Registration Prep, Award Aid, Schedule of Classes, Graduate Committees and Milestones in myUFL, and Service Indicators and/or Holds. Release 5 on March 26th will concentrate on Registration, Block Enrollment, and Enrollment Verification. (Read more in the Release 4 and 5 article in this issue of COMPASS Update.)

Highlights for January include:

  • Training: Release 4 training opens Feb. 5th for staff who award scholarships, advise undergraduate students, place service indicators on students’ records, and enter graduate student qualifying examination and final examination data. Training resources, including instruction guides and simulations, online toolkits, and group and/or online courses, are available on the Student Information System toolkit. Online and instructor-led training can be registered for via the myTraining system, and an easy-to-read guide to training requirements, types, intensity and availability is on the COMPASS website.
  • Academic Advising: Customizations to the new standard audit format continue to be made as the audit process continues with colleges across campus. You can register now for instructor-led training sessions for PVO100: Academic Advising in myUFL through myTraining or by clicking here.
  • ONE.UF: This major information portal continues to evolve as a self-service mechanism for the university community, with functionality being rolled out as it is developed instead of being tied to the COMPASS release schedule. Coming in March will be action items (service indicators/holds), financial aid, registration prep, registration, schedule of courses, and a faculty workspace.  An enhanced degree audit will be available in May; and campus finances (bursar), updated admissions workspace, and grades & transcripts in August.
  • COMPASS Support: Please direct questions or concerns regarding functional issues to the related home/core office. If that office needs assistance, they should contact their associated COMPASS team member(s). COMPASS teams and core office staff are trained to handle new changes incorporated within COMPASS. IT issues continue to be handled using myIT for service requests and incidents.
  • Resources: The COMPASS website offers details on the project and its elements and archived articles in the News and Profiles section. You will receive the most recent information if you are subscribed to COMPASS Update. You can also request a personalized presentation for your college, unit or area via our Presentation Request Form. In addition:
  • For questions related to training, contact
  • If you have questions regarding navigation changes in the myUFL portal, refer to the myUFL article, take a video tour of the new interface or refer to Just-in-Time Training materials on the myUFL Basics toolkit.
  • If you are experiencing broken links or specific technical issues, please reach out to the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP or
  • If you have questions and/or suggestions for improvement, use the COMPASS online submission form.


Future COMPASS Releases



Go-Live Date


Degree Audit, Registration Prep, Award Aid, Holds

March 5, 2018


Registration, Enrollment Verification

March 26, 2018


Course Development, Room and Event Management, Degree Audit (Advisors, Students)

May 14, 2018


Tuition Calculation, Student Billing, Admissions Processing

Aug. 6, 2018


Grades, Transcripts, Aid Disbursement, Graduation

Aug. 20, 2018