COMPASS in Progress

COMPASS in Progress

Two major releases of functionality though COMPASS go live this month, along with some significant enhancements to ONE.UF to be made available to faculty, staff and students. We recently updated our training chart to include additional topics, training and impacted staff, and encourage you to take a look if you have not visited the site recently. Release 4 training opened Feb. 5th for staff who award scholarships, advise undergraduate students, place service indicators on students’ records, and enter graduate student qualifying examination and final examination data. Training for Release 5 is also now open for staff who handle student registration. Other COMPASS highlights include:

  • COMPASS March Releases: Release 4 on March 6th focuses on the Degree Audit (Academic Advising area), Student Milestones (Academic Advising, Student Records), Student Registration Preparation and Schedule of Courses (Student Records), Honors Application Status (Admissions), Service Indicators/Holds (Campus Community, Student Records, Student Financials), and Financial Aid Packaging (Financial Aid). Release 5 on March 26th will concentrate on Registration, Enrollment Verification-Fall Term, and Faculty Class Rolls (Student Records), and SEVIS Report (Campus Community). You are welcome to attend Release 4 Go-Live Labs on service indicators and student groups being held 1-4:30 p.m. March 6th, 8 a.m.-Noon, March 7th, and 1-5 p.m., March 8th, in room 221 in the Hub. Registration training for Release 5, which goes live March 26th, is now available on the HR site. Eight open labs will be available for Release 5 March 26th through April 5th. (Read more in the Release 4 and 5 article in the last issue of COMPASS Update.)
  • Service Indicators/Holds: If you deal with service indicators (holds and informational prompts), be aware that as of March 6th, you have to use a new system in the myUFL SIS for manually assigning or releasing service indicators, since the old hold system on the mainframe has been turned to read-only. All updates to holds on the mainframe that impact student activities for spring and summer (i.e. summer registration) will be maintained in the new system, which will update the old hold system automatically as appropriate. (See our Service Indicator Crosswalk, with pages for each college and department.) The navigation to view and manage service indictors is on the general tab at: Student Information System > Campus Community > Student Services Center.  Emails with additional general and area-specific information have been sent to affected areas. Service indicator training is available now on the UF HR toolkit, covering how to add and/or release a service indicator.
  • Data: See our story, “Big data and UF’s ‘Rise to Five,’” in this issue for a broad overview of data-related projects underway through COMPASS. Also, watch for communications through this venue and others regarding pending changes later this year in how some data will be vended, including how information is accessed via the ODBC Data Warehouse.
  • ONE.UF: This major information portal continues to evolve as UF’s self-service mechanism. The Office for Student Financial Affairs has begun packaging financial aid for students for the 2018-19 award year, and students will soon be able to view their packages and report additional aid in ONE.UF. Students will also be able to complete registration prep tasks, view the schedule of courses, and view action items (service indicators and notifications) in ONE.UF. In late March, students can access Registration/My Schedule (the legacy registration system on will be retired, so students will register in ONE.UF for Summer and Fall 2018, with the biggest change the move from four-digit section number to five-digit class number starting in Fall 2018). There will be a new Faculty/Staff Workspace March 26th that will offer faculty and staff an easy-to-view teaching schedule with class date, time and location; the ability to view and download class rolls and enter final grades; and convenient access to the grades system in Student Admin for Spring and Summer 2018 terms. Coming in Fall 2018 will be access to a new grades module and improved grades section with a grading calendar and grading progress information. (Read more in the ONE.UF article in this issue.)
  • Enterprise Reporting: UF Reporting Servicesoffers an open lab workshop the second Wednesday of every month where you can get individualized guidance and assistance. Face-to-face training opportunities are also scheduled in February, March, and April to help you learn the Enterprise Reporting system.
  • Resources and Support: The COMPASS website offers details on the project and its elements and archived articles in the News and Profiles section. You will receive the most recent information if you are subscribed to COMPASS Update. You can also request a personalized presentation for your college, unit or area via our Presentation Request Form. In addition:
  • Feedback: If you have questions and/or suggestions for improvement or are unsure of who to contact regarding a specific concern, use the COMPASS online submission form.
  • Functional issues: Please direct concerns regarding functional issues to the related home/core office. If that office needs assistance, they should contact their associated COMPASS team members, who are trained to handle new changes associated with COMPASS.
  • myUFL: For information regarding earlier navigation changes in the myUFL portal, refer to the myUFL article, take a video tour of the new interface or refer to Just-in-Time Training materials on the myUFL Basics toolkit.
  • Technical questions: IT issues continue to be handled using myIT for service requests and incidents. If you are experiencing broken links or specific technical issues, please reach out to the UF Computing Help Desk at (352) 392-HELP or
  • Training: Resources, including instruction guides and simulations, online toolkits, and group and/or online courses, are available on the Student Information System toolkit. Online and instructor-led training can be registered for via the myTraining system, and an easy-to-read guide to training requirements, types, intensity and availability is on the COMPASS website. For questions related to training, email


Future COMPASS Releases



Go-Live Date


Degree Audit, Student Milestones, Student Registration Preparation, Honor Application Status, Service Indicators/Holds, Financial Aid Packaging, Schedule of Courses. ONE.UF: Financial Aid, Registration prep, Schedule of Courses, Action Items.

March 6, 2018


Registration (Department and Student), Enrollment Verification (Fall Term), SEVIS Report, Faculty Class Rolls. ONE.UF: Proof of Enrollment.

March 26, 2018


Course Development, Room and Event Management, Degree Audit (Students), Veterans Affairs Processing, Course Development (for Spring 2019 term). ONE.UF: Updated Degree Audit; Degree What-if Report; Advising Notes.

May 14, 2018


Grades, Transcript Maintenance and Requests, Aid Disbursement, Graduation (Degree Certification and Posting), Master Data Management (Personal Data). ONE.UF: Updated Admissions Workspace; Grades & Transcripts.

Aug. 6, 2018


Grades, Transcripts, Aid Disbursement, Graduation.

Aug. 20, 2018