COMPASS in Progress

COMPASS in Progress

COMPASS (Campus-wide Modernization Program to Advance Student Services) released another wave of functionality Aug. 20th, 27th and 30th and Sept. 4th in the following areas:

  • New SIS: Staff can initiate and execute processes for degree certification for graduation, and Financial Aid staff are making disbursements within the new Student Information System (SIS).
  • ONE.UF: Students can now go through ONE.UF to withdraw from courses, check petition status, apply for degrees, and access a new student-facing Degree Audit for new admits and transfers. Read more
  • Active Directory: To align with naming standards within PeopleSoft, UF Active Directory (UFAD) group names reflecting student class enrollment have changed. Emails have been sent to the Active Directory group and the IT Discussion List Serv with detailed information. If you did not receive the information and/or need assistance, contact myIT at
  • Data: The majority of legacy systems are moving off the mainframe, and most non-enrollment data will no longer be updated after today, though it will remain accessible. The COMPASS website at offers crosswalks, updates, videos, a new PowerPoint on Data and Reporting Options and other data-related resources.
  • Admissions: The Office of Admissions launched a new processing system, MyAdmissions, Sept. 4th. Training videos are available on the HR Toolkit for MyAdmissions.

Read more about these changes, who is impacted, and what training may be needed in our Release 6 and 7 article. While this was the final formal release related to the new SIS, deployments will continue, particularly for ONE.UF and data-related areas. Highlights of pending deployments include:

  • Transcripts and Grading: Students will be able to go through ONE.UF for unofficial transcripts and to order official transcripts Sept. 19th. ONE.UF will also offer access to a new grades module and improved grades card with a grading calendar and grading progress information, on or around September 24th. Read more on training requirements and details.
  • Student Facing Degree Audit: To provide students with the most accurate degree audit possible, a ONE.UF-style “final version” audit will launch for all students Oct. 1st. Note that:
    • Until Oct. 1st, continuing undergraduate/transfer UF students will continue to see their audit in same mainframe-style rendering they see today
    • New admits and transfer students are seeing an audit with a new look and feel, drawn from information solely within the new SIS. On Oct. 1st, they will see the same ONE.UF rendering as other students
    • Continuing undergraduate students can view their mainframe-style audit after Oct. 1st for accuracy and comparison with new ONE.UF-style audit. Aug. 30th remains the deadline for entering exceptions. The following shows the timeline of degree audit versions for each student type:


All students will access the degree audit via ONE.UF (

Student Type

Through September 30th

October 1st and Beyond

Fall 2018 Freshman & Fall 2018 Transfer Students

Temporary SIS-style rendering (available as of August 30th)

Final ONE.UF-style rendering

Continuing Undergraduate Students

Current mainframe-style rendering

Final ONE.UF-style rendering


  • Enterprise (Cognos) Analytics: Cognos Analytics is a recommended option for accessing and analyzing data. Access it at: myUFL -> Main Menu -> Enterprise Analytics -> Access Enterprise Analytics. Read more on the COMPASS website under About COMPASS > Reporting and Analytics.
  • Resources and Support: Search bars in myUFL and ONE.UF offer a quick way to find the functionality you’re looking for, particularly since navigation has shifted for some areas. Supporting materials, information on pending COMPASS releases, and contact information is available on the COMPASS website, with new audience-oriented navigation paths off the home page.