New features coming to ONE.UF June 10

How many University of Florida students remember when registering for classes meant walking to Tigert Hall, heading down to the basement and standing in line – sometimes for hours – to hand in paper registration forms?  Or the days when registration meant phoning TeleGator on a landline or payphone -- remember those?

That’s ancient history.

These days, ONE.UF provides the UF community with an innovative “one-stop shop” for self-service functions, i.e., those that do not require assistance from UF staff to complete.

Already delivering an optimized user experience and self-service for course registration, degree audit tracking and other important features for students, on June 10th COMPASS’ ONE.UF Team will launch key new features to the ONE.UF self-service portal:

  • Public landing page
  • Student workspace
  • Staff workspace

ONE.UF’s new public landing page will facilitate an intuitive, mobile-device responsive user experience.  The page’s sleek new look will allow for easier navigation of the portal, and a revamped search engine will help both new and experienced users maximize their use of its self-service features.

UF rising sophomore Nicholas Rand Adams, who participated in a ONE.UF student focus group on May 16th, said he’s noticed the ease of use improvements the portal offers compared to myUFL.

“I would say ONE.UF presents a more user friendly way of navigating through the website,” said Adams, a finance student on the pre-law track. “It also seems that access to useful resources has improved dramatically by trimming out unnecessary links.”

The new student and staff workspaces feature refers to a central screen populated by windows or cards that will allow users to, at a glance, see and perform self-service functions, for example, register for classes, check final grades, view degree audits and more.

As UF continues to be a leader in the development of a self-service portal, additional enhancements to ONE.UF will further COMPASS’ goals of achieving a “connected campus” and providing UF students, staff and faculty a first-class and intuitive user experience. 

"The increasing number and complexity of systems serving our students, faculty and staff has the potential to make it challenging to use the technology. ONE.UF’s innovation lies, in part, in the simplification of that experience. We’ve designed ONE.UF with the goal of providing a totally optimized user experience, regardless of the behind-the-scenes systems at work, now and in the future."                                                     Dave Gruber, COMPASS Technical Architect and UFIT Senior Director, Enterprise Systems.

Furthermore, in August UF freshman applicants will be able to view their application status through the ONE.UF portal.

The COMPASS ONE.UF Team is still seeking feedback, ideas and suggestions aimed toward making the portal as useful and intuitive as possible for the UF community.  If you have feedback or suggestions, email COMPASS.

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