COMPASS in Progress

COMPASS in Progress

COMPASS teams and staff from across the University of Florida are developing, refining and testing new information systems and coordinating efforts to inform affected staff of new security roles and training as it becomes available. (Access previous reports and articles on COMPASS projects and people in the News and Profiles section of the COMPASS website.) Current highlights include:

  • Admissions: The COMPASS Admissions Team is informing core office users personally and through small group training of upcoming changes and improvements in admissions applications related to the first release Aug. 7, 2017. There are no external audiences for Admissions for Release 1, but subsequent releases can impact graduate and undergraduate coordinators and staff, and students (graduate, undergraduate, re-admits, professional, post baccalaureate, certificate, MBA, UF Online) and transfer applicants. The Release 1 rollout will include a customized Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system based on Salesforce software that will provide a “360 degree” record of applicants and their interactions with UF.
  • ONE.UF: This major student information portal continues to evolve as a self-service mechanism for the university community, with functionality being rolled out as it is developed. For more, see our ONE.UF article in this issue of COMPASS Update.
  • Course Scheduling: A new splash screen for course schedulers with information on future changes will deploy in July. An email will also go out to course schedulers the second week of Summer B (mid-July 2017) with details. After Sept. 5, 2017, schedulers will need to verify their security role status and ensure they have taken necessary training.
  • Security: While there is now just one security role to provide access to the different screens in the current SIS system, there will be new security roles in the future as COMPASS projects go live. Users can verify their roles and status after each cutover. The University of Florida community will be informed as new roles become available and information will be available on the Identity Access Management (IAM) website, with links to the information from the HR Services and COMPASS websites.
  • Systems Integration Testing (SIT): SIT testing began May 15th in preparation for the first major Release Aug. 7, 2017.  Testing will continue throughout the release cycle. Read more
  • Website and roadshow resources: The COMPASS website has been rebranded and reorganized to improve its role as a resource for information and support, and went live on a new T4 content management system in early May. The site now includes a request form for topical, area and/or experiential roadshow presentations for those wishing to learn more about COMPASS and its elements, and a contact form that also allows for anonymous input. The team encourages you to access the site as the project moves forward, since it will feature continuing updates and information to help ensure all members of the campus community are informed, engaged and prepared for new systems and methodologies.
  • Reporting and Analytics: We remind you of the opportunity to use your own data in a trial runof the new reporting toolset, “Enterprise Analytics.” The new software allows you to quickly and easily analyze information and create visually exciting reports and dashboards. Learn more
  • Training: Training resources, including guides, online toolkits, and group and/or online courses, will be offered as needed prior to each release (see schedule below) in a Student Information System toolkit that will eventually reside alongside HR and Financials toolkits as well as in a Student Information Section.We will notify you in this newsletter and on the COMPASS website as resources become available. Instruction guides and small group training sessions for Release 1 are expected to become available in early July 2017.



Go-Live Date


Graduate/Professional Supplemental/UF Online Application, Academic Structure, Biographical/Demographic Data, Phase 2 Prospecting and Recruiting (Enterprise Analytics Beta, Undergraduate Coalition Application, Undergraduate Prospecting/Recruiting made available in 2016; CRM College of Engineering Pilot Underway)

Aug. 7, 2017


 Course Schedule and Catalog, Academic Room Scheduling, ISIR Loads, Transfer Credit Evaluation

Nov. 6, 2017


ISIR Processing, Student Program Plan

Jan. 16, 2018


Degree Audit, Registration Prep, Award Aid

March 5, 2018


Registration, Enrollment Verification

March 26, 2018


Tuition Calculation, Student Billing, Admissions Processing

Aug. 6, 2018


Grades, Transcripts, Aid Disbursement, Graduation

Aug. 20, 2018