COMPASS Release 1 goes live August 7th

COMPASS Release 1 goes live August 7th

Impacted users include Office of Admissions and Office of the University Registrar staff, and those who update and/or maintain citizenship, visa and ethnicity data

University of Florida’s COMPASS (Campus-wide Modernization Program to Advance Student Services) will go live with Release 1 August 7th, initiating changes to business processes tied to admissions, student records and the maintenance of registry data, and biographical/demographic data (citizenship, visa and ethnicity).

These upgrades will begin the modernization and standardization of UF’s student services systems, with the aim of producing a secure and sustainable “best-in-class” system. 

Much of the function of Release 1 is to prime UF systems for future upgrades and improvements, and it’s important that professionals from across campus are familiar with aspects of the implementation relevant to their areas. (Reminder: the COMPASS Glossary may help elucidate any unfamiliar terms.)

Human Resource Services staff are working with COMPASS teams to develop training for new and enhanced systems.  Please be aware that there is no training needed for Release 1 with the exception of that required for core office staff (e.g., Office of Admissions and Office of the University Registrar), who have already been informed and are in the process of being personally trained by the appropriate COMPASS team. Training resources will become accessible per release in a Student Information System toolkit that will eventually reside alongside HR and Financials toolkits located here. Online and instructor-led course information and registration will also be provided in a Student Information Section.

Here’s a rundown of upgrades coming to UF August 7th:

Admissions, Student Information Systems (SIS), Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)


  • Updating Graduate, Professional and UF Online applications for use with CollegeNET application platform
  • Updated applications going live in CollegeNET
  • External organization maintenance and application management

Specific Audiences Impacted:

  • Office of Admissions Staff

In an effort to move away from unique homegrown applications and facilitate simpler and more efficient interactions between applicants and the University of Florida, Office of Admissions staff are creating graduate, professional and UF Online applications with CollegeNET, an industry leader in web-based admissions technologies.  These applications will take effect August 28 for the Fall 2018 admissions process. Using CollegeNET will allow UF applicants to easily apply to multiple UF schools or programs, reduce the carbon footprint of the admissions process and allow applicants to check or edit applications through mobile phones and/or tablets.

The COMPASS CRM Team will be rolling out a customized Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system that will provide a “360 degree” record of applicants and their interactions with UF. The new CRM will replace existing systems for managing prospecting and recruiting activities, streamline processes now managed in different systems, centralize data, and consolidate processing for prospective students throughout the prospect to admission cycle. Some of the features related to CRM have previously been highlighted on the COMPASS website:

Furthermore, the COMPASS Admissions Team has set up the Student Information System to receive the applications of students (graduate, transfer, and certificate) who have been admitted to the Fall 2018 term, as well as the external organizations from where students are applying.

Student Records, Identity Management & Reconciliation


  • Academic Structure: colleges, departments, majors, minors, certificates, degrees and term calendars
  • Maintenance of biographical and demographic data

Specific Audiences Impacted:

  • Office of the University Registrar Staff
  • Office of Admissions Staff
  • Staff who update and/or maintain biographical and demographic registry data

Within our current admissions application processing systems, i.e. those that are being replaced by COMPASS, Academic Structure components (colleges, departments, majors etc.) are coded to facilitate consistency in processing. The Release 1 work of the COMPASS Student Records Team ensures that the new admissions application processing system is coded accurately and comprehensively, ensuring that applicant data is received, processed and stored accurately for an appropriate term.

“The Student Records portion of Release 1 is the academic structure framework that will interact with the admissions application to identify what courses of study are taught at UF, allowing students to select those values in the application process.” – Diana Hull, Senior Associate University Registrar and COMPASS Student Records Team Lead

UF stores and maintains student biographical and demographic data, for the purpose of record keeping, constituent relationship management, statistical information and proper reporting and immunization compliance. The COMPASS Campus Community Team’s Release 1 work has readied the new and improved student information system to receive, interpret and store applicant biographical and demographic data, including citizenship, visa and ethnicity data.



  • Public landing page
  • Student Workspace
  • Staff workspace

Specific Audiences Impacted:

  • UF Students, Faculty and Staff

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