CollegeNET Update

CollegeNET Update

Coming this fall, the Office of Admissions will begin the process of implementing vendor-supported applications via CollegeNET, a recognized leader in the field of online applications.  The new applications will replace all of the University of Florida’s homebuilt online applications as well as paper-based readmissions and post-bac applications.  The impact to departments will be minimal as the applications will still be processed in the same manner. The only change for this upcoming cycle will be a better application experience for those applying to the university. 

With the addition of vendor-based applications, there will be a few policy changes at the Graduate, Professional, Certificate, MBA, Postbaccalaureate, and Graduate Readmission level:

  • One App, One Fee – Applicants will build a “profile” with CollegeNET that can be reusable. However, only one program with one fee can be applied for at a time. The applicant can log back in to the application and reuse many fields to fill out additional applications with corresponding additional fees.
  • Application Deadlines – The application will “turn off” after drop/add of that specific term. For example, the Spring 2018 term will only be available through drop/add of the Spring 2018 term. To clarify, this policy change will only be for Graduate, Professional, Certificate, MBA, Postbaccalaureate and Graduate Readmission. The Undergraduate deadlines process will remain the same.
  • Graduate Readmission – At the Graduate/Professional/Postbaccalaureate level, readmissions will be defined as missing two or more consecutive terms and re-applying to the same degree program previously attended. The applicant will need to complete a new graduate application if applying to a different program.
  • Postbaccalaureate/Graduate Readmission – These applications will now be online, but processing with the Office of Admissions will remain the same (manual referral to departments) until the new processing system goes online late next year.  

Policy change at ALL application levels:

  • Gatorlink – Gatorlink accounts will now only be available at the time of admission. Applicants will check their application status using their CollegeNET sign-on credentials.

Go-live dates for the new applications:

September 11th, 2017 – Graduate, Professional, Certificate, MBA, Postbaccalaureate (beginning with Spring 2018 applications)

September 18th, 2017 – Transfer, Undergraduate Readmission (beginning with Summer A 2018 applications)

Please feel free to contact Suzie Burns with any questions or concerns at or 294-0905.