Coming soon: COMPASS Glossary

Coming soon: COMPASS Glossary

Have you ever sat up late at night, unable to sleep, trying to remember just what MDM stands for?

Or taken your canoe down to Lake Wauburg, only to forget how a Business Process Guide helps an SIS implementation?

Maybe you just plain forgot what – or was it who? – Data Conversion is.

Well, rest easy, because in the coming weeks UF COMPASS will introduce the COMPASS Glossary, a comprehensive terminology and definition resource for the UF community for all things COMPASS.  The glossary will live under the “Communications & Support” tab at the top of the COMPASS website.

Furthermore, we would greatly appreciate your input now and on an ongoing basis so that we can make this guide as helpful as possible for you and others. If you have COMPASS and/or UF-related terms in mind you think belong in the glossary, please email