COMPASS - University of Florida

CRM debuts prospecting/recruiting of first-time students

After several months of intensive development, phase one of COMPASS-CRM went live on September 12. Envisioned as a system that will provide a 360-degree view of UF constituents, CRM is now providing recruitment and prospect management tools for Office of Admissions staff who work with prospective undergraduate students.

The new functionality, including communications tracking, email messaging and reporting, arrived right on time as Admissions’ fall activities got started. For example, Admissions staff can now track and evaluate email response by prospects requesting additional information on University of Florida.

This is only the beginning, though. Even as phase one was being implemented, the COMPASS team initiated analysis and design activities for CRM phase two which will include recruitment and prospecting for graduate, professional and UF Online students. During this phase, the team also is developing a long-term plan for UF’s usage of the constituent relationship management system.

The September information gathering sessions afforded an opportunity for the COMPASS team to discuss CRM with representatives from UF colleges. The team plans to reach out further to campus over the coming months to continue exploring potential applications of CRM.