COMPASS - University of Florida

Campus explores COMPASS in September sessions

If you passed people in the Reitz Union or Emerson Hall last month talking excitedly about degree audits, service indicators, and career-program-plan stacks, you were attending (or having a close encounter with) a COMPASS information gathering session. In six sessions over four days, representatives from UF colleges and units assembled to share their areas’ unique business requirements on topics relating to the development of the new student systems. An extension of previous student journey mapping and business process analysis sessions, these September meetings constituted an important piece of the COMPASS analysis and design phase.

When session 6 wrapped up, 182 people from 17 colleges and 26 units had been briefed on program accomplishments to date, asked probing questions, shared their current operational challenges and pain points with the team and each other, and contributed their expertise and perspectives to new design and configuration options. They also got a sneak peek at some cool features of the new Cognos Analytics reporting tool. For their part, the COMPASS team gained greater clarity on campus operations and requirements, confirmed many earlier findings, and identified issues requiring additional research, analysis and follow-up.

A huge thank you to our session participants who generously contributed their time, energy, expertise and insights to this important information-gathering effort. And a thank you to the many other campus stakeholders involved in design and analysis meetings over the past several months for their contributions. You are helping us steer in the right directions.

Check out materials from the COMPASS information gathering sessions, including presentations and participant lists.  Do you have questions or input? Feel free to contact us at We want to hear from you! As one session participant said, “COMPASS cares.”