COMPASS - University of Florida

COMPASS-SIS team moves into Ayers

In order to facilitate the intensive, cross-functional work COMPASS demands, the COMPASS-SIS team will be housed together for the next three years in a dedicated space just a few blocks east of campus. The team can be found on the fourth floor of Ayers Innovation Plaza (Suite 464, North Tower, 720 SW 2nd Avenue). Kudos to Jim Freymann and Peter Harden for the time and effort they invested in acquiring the space and setting up a comfortable and highly collaborative environment.

Side by side in their new work space, staff drawn from throughout UF (Enrollment Management, Finance/Accounting, Graduate  School, Human Resource Services, Provost and UFIT) are getting started on the first of COMPASS-SIS’s major tasks. Throughout the program, they will be involved in collecting information from stakeholders and end users; mapping current business processes and exploring new or modified ones; designing and configuring new systems; checking in with units and users on design and system proposals; ensuring future processes are aligned with system functionality; converting data; testing the new systems and processes; and training and transferring knowledge to end users.

The experience of students, faculty and staff who will use COMPASS-SIS eventually is foremost in the team’s minds. Work group members will continually be in communication with their home offices and other departments, visiting campus units, facilitating information sessions, requesting input and keeping campus abreast of the program’s progress.

Feel free to contact the project team anytime at or (352) 294-2028. Or reach out to individual COMPASS-SIS team members via their email addresses to be posted soon on the COMPASS website.