COMPASS - University of Florida

COMPASS to hold sessions to gather additional college input

Over the past several months, members of the COMPASS-SIS team have been gathering requirements for the new student information system. In addition, the team has been holding sessions—more than 50 to date—to map the undergraduate, graduate and professional “student journey” and the various business processes of individual colleges and units. (See the related article on the student journey mapping elsewhere in this issue of Update.)

Later this month, the project team will announce a series of college-level “interactive design and prototyping,” or “IDP,” sessions designed to gather more focused input on topics specific to units directly affected by changes to the student system. College representatives, such as those who have participated in student journey mapping and business process analysis sessions, will be invited to discuss system requirements and integration points in more detail. Those invited to participate will be contacted directly by the project team and will be listed on the COMPASS website.