COMPASS - University of Florida

COMPASS program timeline

The modernization and unification of UF’s student services systems require intensive efforts from a number of dedicated program teams and campus stakeholders over the next three to five years. On the COMPASS timeline, you can track the program’s accomplishments to date and milestones to come as program elements are designed, developed and implemented.

The timeline includes information relating to COMPASS-SIS, COMPASS-CRM, admissions applications, room scheduling, ONE.UF, myUFL, reporting and analytics, and data management and governance. More specific dates will be added as they become available and some dates or milestones may be adjusted as the program develops.

When fully implemented, the COMPASS program is expected to unify student services systems to benefit students as well as faculty and staff who use and need access to student-related information. For an overview of COMPASS and its many components, watch the March Info Session video.