Room-scheduling project kicks off

Room-scheduling project kicks off

On November 18, UF COMPASS, the Campus-wide Modernization Program to Advance Student Services, debuted the first in a series of “Sneak Peek” videos, featuring Enterprise Reporting’s new-and-improved toolset, Cognos Analytics.  Sneak peek videos will introduce new or improved tools, system features or applications coming to UF as part of the COMPASS implementation and provide a “first look” to potential users.

Short and snappy, the videos will highlight some of the most significant changes that staff and faculty will see and experience in the coming months as a result of various COMPASS releases.

The choice of Cognos Analytics as the subject for the initial COMPASS sneak peek was an easy one. Bryan Cooke of the COMPASS reporting team demonstrated the forthcoming Enterprise Reporting toolset during the September campus information-gathering sessions, and the enthusiasm of participants in the room was palpable.

For the COMPASS team, the video series offers a forum for sharing the products of their hard work with their UF colleagues as well as giving team members a creative outlet. For the first video, Joyce Kosak (Testing), Shannon Parrish (Admissions) and Colin Yokomi (Student Records) stepped out of their usual program roles to act out a reporting scenario.

You can catch the first and future sneak peek videos any time on the COMPASS website.  UF community members interested in receiving updates from COMPASS, including sneak peek videos, can contact COMPASS here.