About Compass

The University of Florida's COMPASS (Campus-wide Modernization Program to Advance Student Services) implementation will unify student services systems to benefit students as well as faculty and staff who use and need access to student-related information.

As a preeminent university at the forefront of online teaching and learning, UF needs student services systems that are agile and modern. COMPASS will enable UF to modernize, standardize and vastly improve the processes and information systems used to manage and deliver services to students, and the project's elements will offer exciting innovations and abilities in the areas of constituent relationship management (CRM), learning ecosystem, student data governance, master data management, reporting and analytics, ONE.UF and myUFL. 

When fully implemented, COMPASS (Campus-wide Modernization Program to Advance Student Services) will unify student services systems to benefit students as well as faculty and staff who use and need access to student-related information.

Following a multi-year project timeline, COMPASS will be implemented based on the student life cycle, including:

  • Academic Structure
  • Admissions
  • Enrollment/Registration/Room Scheduling
  • Advising/Student Records/Degree Audit
  • Student Financials
  • Financial Aid

Other elements also will be involved in COMPASS to ensure a holistic approach. A CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) system and an evolving robust learning ecosystem for the university—all designed to support and promote collaboration and empowerment among and between colleges and core offices—are included in this overall effort.

Built on a foundation of strong master data management—with impacts to the myUFL system, ONE.UF for self-service capability, and reporting and analytics related to student data—COMPASS is being launched to better meet the needs of the university’s undergraduate, graduate and professional students as well as its faculty and staff.


UF’s unified mobile, tablet and desktop friendly self-service portal, ONE.UF brings intuitive functionality to current and prospective students.


UF's faculty, staff and student-facing portal, myUFL provides access to student information, as well as HR and financial resources and systems.

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Student Information System

The Student Information System effort will implement a comprehensive suite of software providing UF a secure and sustainable "best-in-class" system.

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Gator360 (Constituent Relationship Management)

Gator 360, UF's constituent relationship management system, will track and record prospective and current student relationships and interactions with the university, centralizing data, and making records easily and swiftly accessible.

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Learning Ecosystem

UF achieves student success by leveraging innovative digital teaching, and learning tools and systems, and providing analytics that enable instructors to identify trouble spots and observe patterns they can turn into learning opportunities.

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Student Data Governance

Student Data Governance will establish and define data policies and standards, organizational bodies, and roles and responsibilities inherent to data management.

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Master Data Management

Master Data Management will streamline the sharing of master data -- typically persistent, non-transactional data utilized by multiple systems that define primary business entities -- throughout UF.

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Reporting and Analytics

UF is developing a comprehensive, centralized enterprise reporting solution that enhances the university's data vending and data analytics capabilities.

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